Waccamaw Services

What we offer

Waccamaw Transport has been delivering gasoline products for nearly 70 years with our service market located primarily in southeastern United States.  All customer dispatch and scheduling functions are handled through our Selma, NC home office.  These ongoing efforts are supported by an Operations group working closely with Dispatch to ensure orders are met timely and accurately.  Together, they possess more than 70 years of valuable industry experience and remain on standby to provide each customer with our traditional Golden Service.  Our on-time delivery performance is 99% and with constant monitoring of delivery activity through use of on-board computers we are continually striving for further improvement.

Each truck unit has two assigned drivers in alternating 12-hour shifts.  This slip-seat approach allows us to fully utilize our equipment and complete customer requests more expeditiously.

In addition to our gasoline hauling, Waccamaw Transport is very active in transporting LP products to customer bulk plants and retail locations.  The majority of loads originate from Dixie Pipeline in Apex, NC and Cheraw, SC.  We also handle business from Tirzah, SC and Chesapeake, VA.  All orders are arranged through the Selma office.

A specialty division distributes lube oils and coolant from production facilities from varying points including Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania to name but a few states.  Sleeper cab units are used since the transit times are much longer.

Our highly experienced Sales staff remains on standby to discuss your service needs and can be contacted by phone, email, or by scheduling a meeting in person at a time of your convenience.