The Waccamaw Transport Fleet

About Our Fleet

At Waccamaw, we take tremendous pride in our fleet.  Our team staunchly pursues innovative opportunities that will further enhance our status as one of the premiere transport companies within the petroleum industry.   Waccamaw does not rely on an exclusive brand of tractor or trailer.  Instead, we operate many different equipment models and all purchase decisions must withstand a comprehensive evaluation and scrutiny to be considered.



Regardless of brand, our tractors are easy to identify on or off the road with their attractive red, black, and white signature paint scheme and recognizable company logo.

When contemplating new truck specifications, there are unlimited design and mechanical configurations to select from.  A top company priority is driver comfort.  With work shifts that may extend to 14 hours, reducing fatigue wherever possible is essential.

While an underpowered truck will create unnecessary workload strain, it is equally important to achieve maximum fuel economy.  It is not necessary to sacrifice one aspect for the other.  Waccamaw has excelled in this area by utilizing high performance engines without compromising fuel cost goals.

Every truck is equipped with our onboard PeopleNet computer system that enables us to monitor fuel economy over the life of the vehicle.  Additionally, this advanced technology allows management to make numerous adjustments in order to maintain targeted proficiency levels.

Our most recent fleet additions include Mack Pinnacle tractors with automated manual transmissions (AMT) and air disc brakes.  The AMT allows the driver to concentrate more on safe driving by eliminating the constant manual shifting of gears.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has mandated a new regulation that will eventually require all typical highway tractors to be able to stop from 60 mph to 0 within a distance of 250 feet.  This compares to the old standard of 355 feet under the same testing conditions.  The disc brakes installed on our equipment fully satisfies this revised criteria.


Our fleet is comprised of aluminum multi-compartment petroleum trailers, single compartment stainless steel units, and single barrel propane trailers.

New petroleum trailer purchases are equipped with air-ride suspension, full length hose trays, and large storage boxes.  As with tractors, driver comfort and safety plays a major role in how we configure this equipment.


For many decades, the trucking industry and the general public have referred to tractor-trailer units as “18 wheelers”.  This is of course in reference to the number of wheels for a standard combination unit.  However, the majority of Waccamaw tractor-trailer units are actually “10 wheelers”.

Extensive testing by major over-the-road fleets had reported high level performance results along with attractive cost savings from increased payloads and improved fuel efficiency gains.  After consulting with our suppliers to determine the best applications for our needs, Waccamaw began to convert its fleet from traditional dual tires to wide based tires in 2005.  Today, all new equipment additions mandate the wide based option.