About Waccamaw Transport

An Innovative Fuel Transportation Company with a Tradition of Service

Who We Are

Waccamaw Transport provides fuel and petroleum transportation service across the Carolinas and has recently expanded our service area into Georgia and Virginia. We’re proud to be a family-owned business with strong North Carolina roots, from our history in Clinton and Elizabethtown to our current home office in Selma.

Our past is steeped in tradition and community, and that is reflected in our motto: Golden Service. Each customer we have, whether we’ve been working with them for years or we’re about to send out our first delivery, is equally important and receives the same prompt service, open communication, and quality treatment.

Looking Forward

While our history guides us, we are future focused and are proud of our innovation. At Waccamaw Transport, we know that we have to continuously strive to improve customer service and stay competitive in a demanding industry. That’s why we outfit our fleet of 70 trucks with the latest available technology, train our drivers in up-to-date safety standards, and actively seek out new ways to improve efficiency and lower costs so we can offer the best service and value to our customers.

Fuel Demand

As the demand for fuel transportation services increase across the southeast, we are stepping up to meet that demand. While we experience double-digit annual growth and deliver over 35,000 truckloads of fuel, we still maintain our sense of family, and treat our customers the same. If you’re ready to experience Golden Service, reach out to us today to discuss how Waccamaw Transport is right for you.

Join Us

Want to join the Waccamaw Transport Family? Learn more about our truck driving jobs here.

1939 80 year-old company


80 year-old company

100 gasoline and LP trailers


gasoline and LP trailers

42,000 deliveries annually


deliveries annually

320,000,000+ gallons delivered annually


gallons delivered annually

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