The Latest Petroleum Transport Technology

Petroleum Transport Truck Technology

Every one of our trucks is equipped with PeopleNet, an onboard, web-based communications application that provides:

  • GPS coordinates that allow us to monitor exact location with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Essential communications link for customer orders and the billing program.
  • Loading and unloading information from the driver to our home office for processing.
  • Fully automated driver hours-of-service records.
  • PerformX feature that continuously monitors engine activity to identify and help remedy mechanical issues, or make adjustments to improve fuel mileage results.

Product Inventory Management System

We use Insight 360 store product inventory management system which allows us to:

  • Receive automatic updates for store tank inventory levels and incorporates this information into other existing programs for daily planning and scheduling activities.
  • Determine accurate level settings based on actual tank size, sales volumes, and by specific product.
  • Filter program attributes effectively to eliminate store outages, barring industry supply issues, etc.
  • Capture sales history for seasonal trends (i.e. beach locations), or by a special period of time such as major holiday surges.
  • Insight 360 interacts seamlessly with our dispatch and billing program TMW.

Petroleum Transport Customer Management System

By using TMW Suites, we can manage all aspects of our customer service in one convenient platform, including customer orders, scheduling, invoice, and payroll.

  • Information from PeopleNet and Insight 360 is seamlessly transferred into TMW.
  • Customer order details created by Dispatch are forwarded to the driver in his truck.
  • Subsequent loading and unloading data is returned to TMW by the driver.
  • TMW automatically completes the customer billing cycle.
  • Customers are granted access to our TMW Document Imaging Program where you can see delivery tickets, bills of lading, freight invoices, and other documents and print them or email them directly to your office.

We also offer through our customer portal, customer access to real time load tracking of each delivery as part of our value added services package. Customer paperwork is also available through the portal including BOL’s, delivery tickets, and invoices.

1939 80 year-old company


80 year-old company

100 gasoline and LP trailers


gasoline and LP trailers

42,000 deliveries annually


deliveries annually

320,000,000+ gallons delivered annually


gallons delivered annually

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