Josh Breitenbach

Josh Breitenbach was hired by Waccamaw Transport in October of 2013 after working in the petroleum industry since 2008 as a Terminal Manager for Piedmont Transport followed by Petroleum Transport Company.

His prior experience and contributions were quickly made apparent. Josh has excellent planning and communication skills, and both customers and our employees benefited greatly from his strong leadership qualities as head of the Dispatch Team from 2013 until 2017. In February of 2017, Josh was sent to the Waccamaw Sales & Marketing Team, where he could use his experience in the operations field to help Waccamaw better serve its customers. Josh is committed to the growth and stability of Waccamaw Transport’s “Golden Service” motto.

Josh resides in Smithfield, NC with his wife Chesley. Together, they support local economy by participating in events and purchasing goods from local establishments. In addition, Josh is an avid soccer player with the Clayton Adult Soccer League in Clayton, NC.

1939 80 year-old company


80 year-old company

100 gasoline and LP trailers


gasoline and LP trailers

42,000 deliveries annually


deliveries annually

320,000,000+ gallons delivered annually


gallons delivered annually

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